Are you a content creator or ambassador for one of our games?

Looking to grow your channel, expand your community or share ideas with other content creators? Do you want to work closely with the Kakao Games team? We’re looking for Streamers, Youtubers, TikTokers, fansite creators, cosplayers or other community creators to work alongside us to better serve the community in all of our games. If you go above and beyond in your love for the game, we want to hear from you.


Monthly Rewards

Share rewards with your community to help it grow.

Promotion Activities

Featured on our websites and social media to help promote your channel, or showcase your work.

Exclusive access to the Kakao Team

Direct communication with the CM team so we can listen to your feedback to help improve the game!


Invitations to our streams, events, and other unique opportunities as they arise.

A welcome pack

A welcome pack with awesome goodies.


  • Elyon
  • Guardian Tales
  • Moonlight Sculptor
  • Archeage
  • Eternal Return
Guardian Tales
Moonlight Sculptor
Eternal Return


The below requirements are intended as a guideline. Even if you don’t meet all of them, we encourage you to apply as we may still be able to offer partner status or add you to our ‘Fledgling Creator’ program.

All of the following:

  • 1.A channel with at least 3 months of recent activity.
  • 2.Appropriate content that conforms with our behaviour guidelines.
  • 3.16 years or older.

At least one from the following:

  • 1.At least 3 videos per month.
  • 2.Minimum of 6 streams per month.
  • 3.An active Patreon, Twitter, or Instagram account for cosplayers.
  • 4.At least 50k monthly traffic on a fansite.